How to generate Boston#.out files in RightFax Express


Applies To: RightFax Express [ General ]


How do you generate Boston#.out files in RightFax Express?


These instructions will work for version 2.x and above, with Brooktrout/Dialog as the license type.

1. Stop the OpenText RightFax Express FaxTransporter service and the Dialogic service.
2. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\OpenText Brooktrout\callctrl.cfg file in a text editor.
3. By default, trace values are set with a value of "none". Do a global find/replace, and change the “none” to “verbose” .
5. Save and close the callctrl.cfg file.
6. In the same directory, open btcall.cfg in a text editor.
7. If there is a debug_options line in there, give it a value of 3. If there is not, scroll to the bottom of the configuration file, and add: debug_options 3
8. Save and close the btcall.cfg file.
9. Open the Brooktrout Configuration Tool.

  • Run as administrator.
  • Go to Advanced Mode.
  • Highlight BTCall Parameters on the left side.
  • In the debug section:
    - Set api debugging to “Enabled”.
    - Give 2 file directories/names for the boston.out files
      (i.e. boston.out, -       boston1.out).
    - Save and apply the changes.
    - Close the configuration tool.

10. Restart the FaxTransporter service and the Dialogic service. Begin inbound/outbound faxing to obtain the debug files that Dialogic needs to troubleshoot the issue.

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