How do you set up POP3 with Office 365?


Applies To:  RightFax Express [  2.1   2.2   2.3  ]


In RightFax Express, how do you set up POP3 with Office 365?


1. Log into the Exchange 2013 Admin Center.

2. Create a new email account. This will be used as the email account from which RightFax Express pulls the faxes.

3. Go to the Mail Flow tab, and click on 'Rules.'

4. Create a new Rule:

Name: RightFax Express (or whatever you want).

Apply this rule if: The recipient address includes...

Do the following: Redirect the message to... recipient. Choose the account you created in step 2.

Make sure the "Enforce" option is selected under the "Choose a mode for this rule" section.

5. Save the Rule.

6. Log into the Admin Web Client of RightFax Express, and go to the System Tab.

7. Click on Configure RightFax Express, and go to the POP3 Menu.

8. Input for the Exchange Server.

9. Input the account that you created in step 2 into the Account field.

10. Make sure that the checkbox for connecting securely through TSL and SSL is checked.

11. Input 995 for the Port Number.

12. Test the connection.

Send an email to <PhoneNumber> (no brackets, just the number, ex: Log into the User client with the Admin Credentials, and you should see a fax appear in the outbox shortly.

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