How do you enable DTMF or Digit routing?


Applies To: RightFax Express [ 2.1  2.2 ]


In RightFax Express, how do you enable DTMF routing?


Steps to enable DTMF Routing:

1. Log onto the RightFax Express Administrator Web Client as the Admin User.
2. Go to the System tab, and click on Configure RightFax Express.
3. Click on the Telephony Tab and then the Inbound Fax Settings. This menu has a few options:

  • Ignore All Digits Before the Mask: This option looks for the routing digits at the end of the string.
  • Ignore All Digits After the Mask: This option looks for the routing digits at the beginning of the string.
  • In the field below these options, input "d" to pass the digit and "x" to ignore the digit.
  • Prompt All Callers to enter a fax extension: When this option is selected, the Sender will need to input a fax extension. These will be the last numbers input for the fax and can be used for routing (with Ignore All Digits Before the Mask selected).
  • Ignore Terminating Delimiter: This option is used if a Pound (#) sign is used to signify the end of the string. RightFax Express will ignore this digit. 
  • Add Time Stamp to bottom of the Fax: This option adds the Date and Time Stamp to the bottom of all inbound faxes.

    Example: If the Fax number is 520-555-1234 and you want to route the last four digits (1234), you will want to select Ignore All Digits Before the Mask and input "dddd" into the field below. Using "dxdd" will route to 134.

    If you select Ignore all Digits After the Mask and input "dddd" into the field, you will route to 5205.

4. After configuring the routing digits and options, click OK.
5. Close the Configuration Menu, and go to the Users tab.
6. Create or Edit your Users, and input the routing codes in the Fax Number Field.
7. Log into the AudioCodes Gateway: http://<IP address of RightFax Express>:5050
UserName (default): Admin
Password (default): Admin
8. Go to the Device Actions Dropdown. Select Save Configuration File.
9. In the next menu, click the Save INI file button, browse to the local PC, and save the file (for backup purposes).
10. Click on the Configuration Button in the top-left of the webpage.
11. Go to VOIP > GW and IP to IP > Analog Gateway, and highlight Automatic Dialing.
12. Delete any entries in the Destination Phone Number fields (by default, these should be populated with 101-104).
13. Set the Auto Dial status for all ports to disable.
14. Hit the Submit button in the bottom-right of the webpage.

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