How do you import the contacts from FaxPress into RightFax Express?


Applies To: [ 2.2  2.3  2.4 ]


In RightFax Express, how do you import the contact list from Faxpress?


1. Open the FaxPress Thick Client, and log in as the Administrator User.
2. Expand down to the Corporate Phone Books, right click, and select Export.
3. Give the file a name, and save it.
4. Log in as the Admin User for RightFax Express (User WebClient, not Admin), and go to Contacts in the top-right corner (near Preferences and Sign Out).
5. Select import, and browse to the CSV file created in step 3.
6. On the next screen, select import FaxPress Contacts, and hit OK.

All of the contacts should now be ready to use in RightFax Express.

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