How to Find Your SUID and/or Re-License


Applies To:  

RightFax  [ 10.0 10.5 10.6 ]


How do you find your SUID for and/or re-licence the RightFax Server?


Below are nine screenshots. Please follow them.

1. Double-click the RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager icon. (For the sake of this article, the launch icon is on the desktop.)

2. Once Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM) is open, select the server name on the left side of the screen.

3. Select the RightFax Server Module. In older versions of RightFax, this may just be called the Server Module.

4. Right-clicking on the RightFax Server Module will open the options menu. You can also simply double click the Server Module, and it will open the configuration. If you double click it, skip to step 6.

5. With the options menu open, select and click the configure service.

6. The Server Configuration Window will open.

7. Select the Feature Activation Tab. This will be two over from the general tab you started on.

8. Click on the Produce Licensing Utility Tab. This will open the OpenText Product Licensing Utility. Here you will see your listed SUID.

9. For re-licensing/activating purposes, select the Activate Button, and follow the steps provided.


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