Reassigning Entities


Entities are assigned to their creator by default in the software, with permission to edit being granted to other users that have access to them being given during the publication process. 

However it is sometimes necessary to reassign entities from one user to another for various reasons, for example if a designer leaves the organisation. This can be done for specific entities one at a time or for all of a users entities at once, depending on the need.

To reassign entities:

1   Select the user you wish to assign the entities from

2   In Menu > Reassign select either Specific Entities or All Users Entities

3   For Specific Entities select from the tree view those you wish to reassign

4   Select or search for the recipient user

5   Select Reassign

If a mature installation has been reconfigured from Internal to Active Directory authentication, any entities that were already set up will now be orphaned. It is possible to reassign these entities to an Active Directory user following these steps:

To reassign orphaned entities:

1   Select Orphaned Entities from Reassign in the Main Menu

2   Search through the Orphaned Entities list until you find the user you wish to take the entities from.

3   Specify the Active Directory user you wish to assign the entities to.

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