Preparing an Oracle Connection


In the case of Oracle, the SQL client can be obtained from here. The appropriate installation is Oracle database 11g Release 2 Client (680MB) 32-bit or 64-bit. If you’re running an Oracle version later than 11g R2 then you may need an updated client installer.

Setting up an Oracle ODBC Data Source

1   Go to the ODBC Administrator and select the System DSN tab. Click the Add button.

2   Choose the Oracle ODBC driver (its name will vary depending on the version in use). Click Finish.

3   Complete the configuration of the dialogue box; this varies according to version. All versions do not allow the entry of a password into the ODBC data source. In most cases the standard settings for query timeout etc should be left unchanged.

4   Click Test Connection. You will be asked to enter a password and a success or failure message will be given.

5   OK the dialogue to save the ODBC DSN.

6   Create a Connection (containing authentication)

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