Using Date Difference Function


Date differences can now be calculated for attribute columns in the dataset builder. Date differences can be calculated using two DateTime columns, or using a fixed date from a calendar.

Creating a date difference column

1   Add a universal datetime object to the dataset.

2   Open up the Set Properties dialogue box by selecting the column title and select the Format option.

3   Once Function: Date Difference is selected, the full range of selectable option is displayed and from this point you can specify the start date and end date options.

4   The Start Date and End Date drop down options automatically list the viable DateTime columns from the datafeed to select, however the DateTime column initially used to create the column does need to be used as either a start date or an end date.

5   To select a fixed date as either a start date or end date then you simply select the tick box and you will be able to specify an exact date or choose one from the calendar that appears.

6   Once the start date and an end date have been determined you can select the date part that you would like the date difference to be calculated with. These range from years all the way down to seconds.

7   When completed you can select the save button to close the dialogue box and Save from the Main Menu to save the dataset.

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