Creating a Dataset


A dataset defines how the dashboard software uses the information extracted in a datafeed. A System Designer or Administrator specifies which columns will be used, how they will be displayed, how calculations will be performed and what security filters will be applied.
Datasets contain Attribute and Measure columns as described in Understanding attribute and measure columns.

To create a new dataset:

1   Select New Dataset from Menu > Dataset Builder

2   Specify the Datafeed you wish to base the dataset on by selecting Select Datafeed from the main menu

3   You can now choose columns from the datafeed on the left to begin populating the dataset. This is performed by dragging the column header from the datafeed to the dataset.

4   Columns are set to be Attribute columns by default which are blue in colour. You can edit each column you add to the dataset by clicking on the column title.

Columns containing values that are descriptive and will be displayed in a component without having any calculation applied, should remain defined as Attribute columns.
Columns containing values that will be used to calculate a result within a component should be changed to a Measure column. Once this option is chosen, you will be prompted to choose a function to apply to the data in that column. The functions available are Sum(), Min(), Max(), Count() and CountDistinct(). These functions work by considering many rows within the dataset then calculating a single result. They are named, and calculated, in exactly the same way as the standard SQL aggregate functions found within any relational database product eg SQL Server or Oracle. An overview of aggregate functions can be found here.
Measure columns can contain sophisticated mathematical expressions and it is also possible to create a wide variety of different DateTime columns using a single DateTime object from the source data by formatting the DateTime column
5   In the Set Properties box you can edit the name of the column as well as determine the data type, category and default Null values. 
6   You repeat this process until your dataset is complete at which point you can Save and Publish it.

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