Creating a Connection

Connections are the foundation of the Intuitive Dashboard process as the establish the link between the software and the source data system. Once the source data has been configured to work with the software, you can begin to establish a connection to the data source within the software.

Creating a new connection

1   Select New Connection From the Connection Builder in the Main Menu. If you do not have access to this menu item then please see your dashboard administrator.

2   Select one of the Data Source Types: Exceltextfile or ODBC from the drop down box.

3   Select the desired source from the drop down menu of available and correctly configured sources.

4   For ODBC connections it may be necessary to establish Connection Authentication.

5   To verify the connection's success, the info panel will display the titles of the tables or worksheets included in the connection, or display "Raw Data" for text files. [Note that some 64-bit ODBC connections do not return a table list, however that does not prevent them from processing SQL statements].

6   The connection can now be saved and published.
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