Preparing for an ODBC Database Connection


Intuitive Dashboards can read from any ODBC datasource. ODBC drivers are available for virtually all relational database engines including SQL ServerMySQLOracleDB2, Informix, Sybase, Postgres, SQLite, MS Access, Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum & Vertica.

Relational databases are server-based engines. Clients of all varieties must connect using a local module which should be installed on any computer wishing to make a connection. ODBC drivers are normally part of, or addons to, the SQL Client and often ship with it.
For the dashboard service to communicate with a relational database, the appropriate SQL Client must be installed on the dashboard server. In the case of SQL Server, these components are already present (since the dashboard has embedded a local SQL Server instance). 
Version v2.3 and later of Intuitive Dashboards are 64 bit and will install as such on 64-bit Windows (as servers commonly are). V2.3 can also install as 32-bit on 32-bit Windows (as commonly found on client PCs). Any SQL client for this should match the bitness of Windows. The ODBC connection on the computer should be setup using the 64-bit ODBC administrator on a 64-bit machine and the 32-bit ODBC administrator on a 32-bit machine.

The following sections deal with the individual steps required to create common types of ODBC connections. If your database engine is not discussed here, please refer to its own ODBC setup documentation.
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