Adding Dataset Column Expressions

Intuitive Dashboards also allow you to create calculated measure columns from any of the source columns found in the datafeed, using the expression builder.

To add a column expression:

1   In the dataset builder, insert a column from the datafeed to the dataset.

Note: The original column selection for an expression column is entirely arbitrary as this can be changed to any column in the datafeed in the expression builder.

2   Open up the Set Properties dialogue box by selecting the column title and set the Category to Measure

3   From the drop down menu select any of the values to open access to the expression builder which is opened by selecting the  icon. Again this is arbitrary as it will be replaced by the expression.

4   In the expression builder you can see the list of available columns to use as well as the behaviour commands that can be attributed to them. The large text panel at the top show the current expression.

5   To create the expression you could write it out free hand or select the column from the list and specify the behaviour and it will be inserted automatically.

6   You can then create the calculation that you wish to generate in the expression builder by using standard mathematical operators ie + - * / .

7   Once you have created the expression it will need to be validated to make sure it has been entered correctly before saving.

8   To see the correct calculated values in the expression column you will need to save the dataset at which point the calculations will be performed.
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