Changing the Dataset


Intuitive Dashboards allow you to change the datafeed that a dataset is mapped to as long as the new datafeed has equivalent columns for each of those in the dataset. When changing a datafeed you will also need to use the Expression Builder to change any calculated measure columns to work with the new datafeed.

To change the datafeed:

1   Edit the dataset using Menu > Dataset Builder > Edit Dataset.

2   In the Dataset Builder select Column Settings from the Main Menu.

3   In the dialogue box you can then specify the new datafeed you wish to map the dataset too.

4   If the two different datafeeds have exact matching columns then they should re-map automatically. If not then you will need to specify the correct columns manually from the drop down menu.

5   For unmapped measure or calculated columns selecting the  icon will take you to the expression builder where you can specify the correct measure expression.

6   Once all the dataset columns have been mapped correctly you can then save the changes and save the dataset.

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