Using Date Functions


DateTime objects can be made into a wide array of Date attribute columns using the various date functions available. 

Applying a date function

1   Add a universal datetime object to the dataset.

2   Open up the Set Properties dialogue box by selecting the column title and select the Format option.

Simple dates and date differences work a little differently so will be detailed in separate pages

3   When you have selected the display type you wish to apply to the attribute date column, you can select the specific function you wish to apply to the data.

4   Once the function has been selected it will be possible to choose what format you would like the data to be displayed in.

5   Finally we are able to specify a starting point for our data to run from depending if we would like the data to run in a standard calendar year format or as a financial year starting at any month you desire in the year.

6   Once all of the options have been selected you can select the save button to close down the dialogue window and Save the dataset from the Main Menu.

*Note: Certain options will differ depending on the functions and formats that you select.

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